MM Role Feature Idea

The Idea
I think that in murder mystery you guys should add a feature that lets people vote for what they want to be, for example you just started playing and you start off at 5 percent chance for murderer and 5 percent chance for sheriff. You vote that you want to be a sheriff, but instead of just letting those who voted murderer be a murderer by picking only one of them, it increases all of their chances by let’s say another 5 percent. The reason I believe it should just increase the chance of those specific people rather than just pick one of them (if 5 voted murderer, instead of picking one of the 5 it will just increase their chances at a greater rate), is that for those who forgot to vote or don’t really know what they’re doing, they will still get a chance as well. I really feel that this would make this game more appealing, all while keeping it running smoothly.

In short the percentages will still gradually increase for ALL players regardless if they vote, but they will increase at a greater rate for those who voted for a role.

Why I came up with it?
I came up with this idea when I was playing MM, I really liked being the sheriff or the murderer, but so often, even when I had 19% chance I wouldn’t get picked. Even after I got picked it starts the percentages over so low! I think this would at the very least increase the odds slightly in the favor of those who really want to be a specific role.

I’m honestly not sure if anyone is even going to bother reading this, but if you did thank you! Please upvote this so more people can see! Feel free to comment I would like to here any of your opinions as well!


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But anyways…

Idk, it might work but it then becomes thing where you have to vote for your role or you don’t get that role (unless its an innocent)

Basically if there’s an added 5% for anyone that voted for their role… (sheriff or murderer) and everyone votes, isn’t it the same as just joining a game and leaving it to luck; if one person doesn’t vote that persons almost guaranteed to not get a ‘special role’ but like I said… Idk

Perhaps I understand the suggestion wrong :confused:


AlphaDivided kind of explained the issue with this, but that only happens if everyone voted to be murderer and none of them wanted sheriff. (or if everyone voted sheriff and no one voted murderer)

Another flaw is that new people probably wouldn’t learn as quickly. People learn from experience, and if you take that chance away they learn much much slower.

A better way to execute this would be to just change what happens when you vote. Maybe it could reduce the other chance to 0 for one game, giving you a much higher chance of getting the role you want. Not saying this should exactly happen, but it seems a little more practical than your suggestion.


I also feel like I’ve seen something like this before…I dont know why, I just feel like I’ve already seen a suggestion like this…

Exactly, if everyone voted murderer all their chances would be exactly the same as if this feature was never implimented, but that is not really a setback, everyones chances will still gradually increase as usual so there is really nothing to lose. If no one votes their chances will still gradually increase overtime, but only at a normal rate and not the faster rate that it would if you voted.

Think of it like this, you go to an ice cream truck and order a vanilla ice cream everyday.
One day they announce that from now on every 10th customer of the day will win a second ice cream. Sure others may not get that extra ice cream, but did they really lose anything, after all it is just extra. Nobody loses anything really, worst case scenario is they get exactly what they paid for which isn’t even a bad thing.

I’m sorry but if you don’t mind could you go into more detail and further emphasize, I feel that I’m having a little trouble catching on to your point. So far I think your saying that it will reduce the chances of others? Please reply if you see this, I would like to continue talking about this, if you don’t mind.

So what’s the point?..

Some people actually enjoy being sheriff I think. And This can be used for quests like win as sheriff and stuff. So not everyone will vote murderer.

Reminder @Great_Dantalion you might want to recategorize as #suggestions:murder-mystery so users can vote on your idea :slight_smile:


What exactly do we have to lose from implementing this feature. There may be few occurences where this feature may seem useless, but are you really expecting everyone to vote murderer, even when sheriff is another option and they can only vote on one role per game, or choose not to vote at all which is much less work than voting. have you noticed that throughout all the games out of the 15+ people, at most 5 or 6 will vote for a map, mostly though it’s just 2 or 3.

I must admit that I do see your point, I knew this from the very beggining, this point does seem somewhat rational. But it is like being stranded, and when you’re walking and someone offers you a ride in their beaten up car, sure this car might break down because it’s old, but is that really a big deal considering you were going to walk miles to the nearest city regardless? Would you really refuse that offer just because you don’t want the car to breakdown, and walk anyways?

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I also kinda think this is a good idea

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