MM Hero Kill Phrases

In Murder Mystery, I think it would be cool if there was a kill phrase for the hero when they shoot the murderer. Here are some ideas:

[Hero] saved the day! - level 110
[Hero] made the arrest! - level 120
[Hero] made the turns table! - level 130
[Hero] murdered the murderer! - level 140
[Hero} avenged the fallen - level 150

Q: Why such high levels
A: Because I feel like it would be cool if it was fairly exclusive. Also TW kill phrases are high levels

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Hmmm… This is interesting. I like this idea, but I think I would prefer this to be across the board regardless of levels because it would bring the game variety. I see where you’re coming from with the reasoning behind the levels, but I think it would be better if it wasn’t level based that way more of the community can enjoy it. :slight_smile:


what levels would you suggest? the only problem with adding it to lower levels is a) it may make it so that there’s too many unlocks per level and b) id have to think up more

It can still be made for high levels, but there are very few level 90+ people in Murder Mystery. I like the kill phrases though. Maybe instead of another 50 levels, my goodness that would take so long to grind, why not add it like the ghost colors at higher levels at level 75-80+, which can still be exclusive, but also get what you’re looking for.

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This may be a good combination of making it pretty accessible while still something to work for. I like this suggestion.

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If you have anymore kill phrase ideas put em below

  • Sent the murderer to their grave!
  • Gave the murderer trauma!
  • Gave the murderer a taste of their own medicine!
  • Let everyone else live!

Tell me what you think @GyrrabirdGamer! :slight_smile:

Maybe they could unlock at the same time as ghost colors, as that would make them exclusive, without needing to increase the level cap for murder mystery. And you can’t really flex with ghost colors either(except for at the end of the game, which most grinders won’t stick around for).

And this is definitely a cool idea, but they shouldn’t increase the level cap of murder mystery until all games have 100 levels, if ever. So making them unlock with ghost colors would fix that.

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I see what you mean but mm is fun xd id like to level up again and as would most 100s ive spoken with

but yeah i agree with this ^ except maybe jb

I mean, yes, but other people deserve to be able to grind to 100 in their favorite game too, and you can always get an alt if you like the feeling of levelling up.

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{Hero} Killed the murderer for the 9000th time! - Level 500

i love these. (not op)

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no point copying skywars

doesnt have a ring to it imo

too long

doesnt have a ring to it imo

sorry about late response :P

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150 levels?