Missing Avatar in Hub

Hub Global Unlocks
The Crown Avatar that you get by reaching Level 49 in TW

That crown avatar was missing for me
So I reached level 49 in tw last week and I was really proud of it and used the crown avatar for a few hours then switched back to the dabbing zombie avatar from GI, the next day, after I booted up Minecraft, it disappeared for no reason and I want it fixed.



Thank you for reporting this issue. I have logged it and it will be looked into.

I know several players are experiencing this. If anybody else has experienced this issue, did you have access to the avatar for a perod of time before it disappearing? Or did you just not obtain it when you unlocked level 49?


I had the same issue with “The Worthy Opponent” hub title, In my case though I never had it. I think it is some xp glitch or I left the game and then hit level 49 due to treasure xp or something


@Splodg3r I got it when I first got level 49 in tw, i had the worthy opponent hub title but no crown avatar, you can dm me if you need more info about it.