Minigame ideas! (Mixed Arcade)

House Robbers!
-There are 4 teams. Red Blue Green and Yellow.
-Tools that they will have by default is a wooden sword and a Pickaxe
-4 teams, so there will be an arena with 4 houses.

  • inside houses will have a diamond block. and the goal is to steal the opponent team’s diamond block. when they steal the diamond a message will pop up and the player that has the diamond block will now sparkle the team colour that they stole from and have slowness. now job for the other teams is to kill that player and steal or take back the diamond block!
    -There will be kits: (The spy, will have 2 spells of invisibility if they are added // The Assassin, will have a iron axe instead of wooden sword// The Runner: Has spell of swiftness )



For House Robbers, yes it’s capture the flag but block. And yes i am aware that hive does have artists @anon50475507. I think it would be cool if the Diamond was a entity and it can be thrown. I’m also putting my other suggestions in a different post bc uhhh hive suggestions rules. :heart: thanks again for reading!

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coooll suggestions ^-^

I like these ALOT!

One Suggestion per Thread please


please don’t list your mixed arcade suggestions.

I play hose robbers in real lif e and I t will is be godo fo heve mingme polik run I am wantd crimnel

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oh those are not bad

So capture the flag but a block?
Would be much better if it was a custom entity, I mean the Hive does have artists…

But I like the idea, a lot :+1: