Mini games from the original

Add the three mini games from the original game.

More information:
I think it would be awesome if we get the three mini games that were in the previous version of the game that was excluded from this one. It would draw a lot more attention (the vet players more likely). I honestly think a lot of people would enjoy to see these classics revived and just a good as before!

does the original game means java edition?

The modes from the older system versions. Like the wiiu version or Xbox edition. When crossplay didn’t exist yet, I’m not entirely sure if it was apart or Java.

You mean the console minigames?

The hive already has survival games, but the other ones could be cool.

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Ohhh I know what you’re talking about. That would be cool!

so you want spleef and that elytra gliding thing?

Tumble*** and glide…

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They could be cool games to add to mixed arcade, I don’t see them becoming standalone minigames though.