Minecraft Update Thread and Discussion

we got another update by mojang on the pink glitch:
Screenshot 2022-04-22 151409


Would’ve given us more hope if a different person responded


Yea, I would kinda like a devs response

Ok why do y’all want a devs response?

It’s literally that guys job to tell us this and stuff.
They get told by the devs what to say.

He responded last time and nothing happened last time

If a dev could give us a in depth answer that would be nice


Yes I can choose from the controls on settings :beedance:

Fr this is so scuffed,
I’d rather use the ordinary touch controls,
The only advantage is bridging and if you wanna pvp with this setting u need pada ios lvl skill
Every time u wanna hit you have to be like “ok I have to hit this dude lemme find the button” and by the time u find the button ur dead.

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Wdym find the button

It’s gonna be muscle memory after like a week

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Its a lot like controller controls.

Yeah and it’s awesome that mobile is going to be like that

I’m so excited I just hope they work well


I’ll just hope the new buttons will be fully customizable and you’ll be able to place them wherever you want.


And the ability to adjust the size of them, that would be awesome.


U can still use normal controls they said that this would be a toggle Like split controls.

I used to play mobile before getting my pc. If I still played mobile I would definitely not use these. Bc the only advantage to mobile is u can u
Hit without moving youre head.

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New hotfix 1.18.31 was released!

did it remove renderdragon

Unfortunately no, it just fixed some minor bugs, not RenderDragon-related

You can give it a read if you want to know the changes: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/5842521639693

Fireflies have been cancelled from Minecraft 1.19 update dang,
since they were gonna add it as a food for frogs, the community gave feedback to mojang that fireflies are poisonous for frogs. So they are cancelled for 1.19 :neutral_face:
The new birch forest is not getting added too

And lastly the bundles are not gonna be a part of 1.19 too oof.

Ask Mojang: What happened to the fireflies in Minecraft 1.19? - YouTube

They should have removed the second pixel so they’re just flies.

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You watch phoenixeSC

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Sheesh. This whole update seems to be a big letdown so far. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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