Minecraft Update Thread and Discussion

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Here we are! After asking in Last to Post wins, you thought it would be a good idea for me to make this topic. I will be listing all Updates, snapshots and betas from 1.17 and on for Minecraft.

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1.17 was announced as the Caves and Cliffs update. So far, we are quite far into development with the update, and have been steadily receiving snapshots and betas regularly.


20w45a brought us the very first iteration of the caves and cliffs update. It added:

  • Bundles

  • Candles

  • Lava cauldrons

  • Copper

  • Amethyst geodes

  • Lightning rod

  • Spyglass

  • Tinted glass

Amethyst geodes were added into underground generation. They included Calcite, Tuff, amethyst blocks and budding amethyst. Tuff generates on the outside of the geode * , followed by calcite and then the amethyst itself. You cannot move the geodes, which adds another aspect of farming to the game, similar to that of mob spawners.

Bundles can hold up to a stack of any stackable block, but can only add contain 1 of any non-stackable item.

Candles were added and can be crafted using honeycomb! They come in 16 different colours.

These are some of the main talking points of the snapshot, along with copper and tinted glass.

20w46a wasn’t a huge snapshot, but still added something to the game.

  • Powder Snow

  • Freezing

If you walk on powder snow you will fall into it! If you stay in it, you will start freezing, and taking damage. If you wear leather boots however, you will not fall into it but instead remain on top of it

20w48a (Yes, they skipped 47 :cry:) added Dripstone blocks and pointed dripstone.

Renewable lava is now a thing! If you place a lava bucket above a block with a pointed dripstone hanging from it, lava will drip down. If you play a cauldron underneath it, the cauldron will gradually fill up, meaning renewable sources of lava.

A few textures regarding amethysts, clocks and compasses were changed, giving the items/blocks a more polished feel

20w49a was a big one for redstoners and boffins because it added skulk censors! Wireless redstone is now a thing, which I’m sure many people, like myself, are very excited for. Skulk censors detect a block being placed and broken, movement, and lot’s of other redstone relating things.

Mojang released a world where you could experience the first bit of new generation, specifically regarding the dripstone biome. Below is a picture of said biome:

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20w51a (Idk why they keep skipping numbers) added Axolotls!

These adorable creatures don’t currently spawn in naturally, and can instead be spawned in using a spawn egg. There are 5 different types of axolotl: Pink, brown, yellow, pink and blue, and the extremely rare blue/purple and orange.

Axolotls will follow you around, and you can transport them using a bucket. Their natural enemy is the guardian and elder guardian!

If you kill something that an axolotl is trying to kill, they will reward you with regeneration and resistance.

21w03a was the first snapshot of 2021, and it brought the useless glow squid!

  • Glow ink sac
  • Glow lichen
  • Glow item frames

Glow squid don’t spawn in naturally just yet, but can be spawned in using the glow squid spawn egg. They drop glow ink sacs. These ink sacs can be used on signs and item frames to create brighter and more visible text and items!

If you use a glow ink sac on coloured writing it will become brighter! Same goes for the item frame, only it’ll illuminate maps/items that you have placed on them.

Glow lichen generates underground to illuminate the caves a bit better.

21w05b came with the addition of lush cave blocks! These will not generate naturally underground as of now.

  • Azalea bushes and flowering Azalea bushes
  • Cave vines and Glow berries
  • Dripleaf plants
  • Hanging roots and rooted dirt
  • Moss and moss carpet
  • Spore blossom

Cave vines are vines that grow down from the ceiling. Glow berries look alike to hanging vines (From the nether update) but have a much more lush feel to them

Azalea bushed come in two variants: Flowering and normal.

Dripleaf plants can only grow on clay near water or underwater. You can bonemeal the plant. Big dripleafs can’t hold you for long, they will tilt if you stand on the for long enough!

Moss is a purely decorative block. You can craft moss carpet with moss blocks.

Spore blossom is a large, pink flower that hangs from the ceiling and drips beautiful particles nearby.

Here is a picture of the lush cave blocks (Actual biome generation is not a thing yet)
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21w06a Was possibly and probably one of the biggest snapshots minecraft has ever seen. It added new cave generation!

  • Noise caves
  • Aquifers (Local water level)
  • Increased world height and depth

Noise caves come in 2 types: Cheese caves and spaghetti caves.

Cheese caves got their name from the massive, cavern-like appearance they bring. There are holes and different tunnels everywhere, giving the thought of holey cheese.

Spaghetti caves are more like your classic minecraft cave. They are long and spindly, going off in lot’s of directions and often quite thin.

Aquifers generate in both caves, creating local water levels. This changes throughout the cave, giving off a real-life look.

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The world height has been increased to 384, adding 64 blocks to height and depth. This means minecraft now generates all the way down to Y: -64. This is huge. (Quite literally)

This has got to be one of my favourite snapshots yet, the caves look so cool!

21w07a added a new block, and some texture changes

  • Changed the way ores look
  • Added Grimstone

Yes, this is so sad. The ore textures have been changed, but maybe it’s for the better! Let me know what you think of them down below.
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Grimstone is a new block that starts to generate at around Y level -6. After that level, every stone block has been replaced with grimstone, and diorite, granite and dirt won’t generate below that level. Grimstone takes slightly longer to mine than regular stone, but can still be used for all of the normal recipes.

Lot’s of variations of the grimstone block have been added:

  • Grimstone Slab
  • Grimstone Stairs
  • Grimstone Wall
  • Polished Grimstone
  • Polished Grimstone Slab
  • Polished Grimstone Stairs
  • Polished Grimstone Wall
  • Grimstone Bricks
  • Grimstone Brick Slab
  • Grimstone Brick Stairs
  • Grimstone Brick Wall
  • Grimstone Tiles
  • Grimstone Tile Slab
  • Grimstone Tile Stairs
  • Grimstone Tile Wall
  • Chiselled Grimstone

21w08a changed a few things:

  • Grimstone is now called Deepslate
  • Added Deepslate ores
  • Andesite doesn’t generate below Y: -6
  • Added smooth basalt
  • Removed Tuff from the outside of amethyst geodes, replacing it with smooth basalt
  • Tuff generates below Y: -6

You can get smooth basalt by smelting normal basalt. This links the nether to the overworld a bit more.

A few of the ore textures have been changed a bit more, particularly to do with iron. It is less of a jarring design and blends into the new feel of caves a bit better.

21w10a has added lots of new things to the game!

  • Lush Cave Generation
  • Deepslate ore variants for emerald, coal and copper
  • Lightning rods are waterloggable

Lush caves, in my opinion, have got to be one of the best looking biomes we have ever seen!
These gorgeous caves can be found all throughout your minecraft world, and can form with aquifers inside.

They can also form in these massive caverns, that can be seen in the image below:

New deepslate ore variants have been added to the game, although the ores concerned in this can only be gained in creative.

Snapshot 21w11a

The major features in this snapshot are changes to copper and generation of performance metrics.

  • You can now create waxed variants of copper blocks by right-clicking them while holding honeycomb.
  • You can wax copper by dispensing honeycomb from a dispenser.
  • Axes and lightning strikes rid copper of oxidization.
    • Axes take care of wax as well.
  • Waxed Copper Blocks can be crafted back into four copper ingots.
  • Pressing F3+L starts a recording for 10 seconds capturing metrics such as tick durations, used heap sizes, and other more detailed stats.

21w13a added Goats and cave tweaks!

  • Goats spawn naturally in mountain biomes
  • Axolotls and Glow Squid spawn naturally in water underground
  • Added light blocks
  • Clusters of dripstone and pointed dripstone generate underground

Axolots will chase after glow squids (Good they deserve to die). Axolots will have a 2 minute cooldown after hunting something.

Goats spawn in mountain biomes, however no new terrain yet.

21w14a added Raw iron, gold and copper!

  • Added raw iron, gold and copper
  • Improved the blending when transitioning into deepslate levels

Iron, gold and copper have been tweaked to match other ores. When you mine iron, gold or copper ore you will get raw equivalents instead.

Mining with silk touch will give you the ore block
Mining with fortune will increase the chances of raw material levels.

This means that you can now fortune iron, gold and copper

Deepslate and tuff will generate in smaller patches to help blend the transition of stone to deepslate.

21w15a added some news about the update and some minor tweaks and changes.

  • Goats ram things
  • Creepers are scares of goats
  • Changed the texture of raw materials

The raw materials textures have been changed
Screenshot 2021-04-15 07.10.09
Personally I thought they were fine (Iron was a bit iffy) but I definitely preferred the old gold and copper.

Goats dont walk on powder snow

Inventory building blocks tab has been reordered

The main menu backround has been changed.

Bedrock Betas!

Please note that I am only covering the betas that released new 1.17 blocks, generation and features. Added all things to do with goats!

  • Added the goat mob and spawn egg
  • Goat horn
  • Powder snow
  • Freezing

The goat doesn’t spawn in naturally as of this beta, but you can spawn it in with its spawn egg! They will run, jump and headbutt anything in their way! If, for some reason, you decided to kill a goat, it drops a goat horn. These currently have no use, but we can probably see that being changed in future betas!

Powder snow, much like the java version, is a block that you can fall into. If you remain in it for long enough, it will start to freeze you and you will take damage. If you wear leather boots, you will be just fine, and won’t sink into it. Added a few features already in the java snapshots

  • Sculk Sensors
  • Pointed dripstone

Much like the java version, sculk sensors can detect movement, sound and vibrations. They emit a redstone pule that can be muffled using wool. This is basically wireless redstone.

Pointed dripstone will fall and deal a lot of damage on impact. If broken at any point, all of the dripstone below that point will fall to the ground. added copper!

  • Copper blocks
  • Copper ore
  • Oxidisation

Copper can be found underground in similar levels to iron and coal. All copper block types and varients age over time. This is called Oxidisation. They have 4 stages of oxidisation: Normal, slightly weathered, weathered, and oxidised. They will turn a turquoise green colour with each stage. added all things glow squid!

  • Glow squid mob
  • Glow ink sac
  • Glow item frame

Exactly the same as java edition,the glow squid doesn’t spawn in naturally as of now. Glow squid will drop a glow ink sac, which can be used to brighten signs and item frames.

1.16.220 Added just one thing: The ability to change text colour on signs with dyes Was another massive addition:

  • New Mountain generation
  • Goats spawn in naturally
  • Mountain biomes

New mountain generation is awesome! This is something the java edition of minecraft hasn’t seen. Mountains generate to ridiculous heights, some going up to as high as Y: 280

There are 5 different biome-types for these new mountains and can be seen below:

  • Lofty Peaks
  • Snow Capped Peaks
  • Snowy Slopes
  • Mountain Grove
  • Mountain Meadow

Coal, iron and emerald ore generate in these new mountains as well!

Minecaft Bedrock update version 1.16.210 has just released!

Mainly focused on bug fixes, but it brings an exciting parity feature to the game.

Players on Windows10 can go full screen with f11
Ambient Nether sounds are a thing now, you will have to download the free music pack from the marketplace and then everything should work.

For a full look at all of the bug fixes, head on over to Minecraft - 1.16.210 (Bedrock) – Minecraft Feedback to read on it yourself :smile: was a very luscious Bedrock Beta!
It added:

  • Lush cave blocks and items
  • Deeper worlds (Y=-64)

No new cave generation has been added, but due to the depth increase I think it’s safe to say we can expect this very soon.

Lush cave blocks and items are the same as java and are listed below:

  • Moss block
  • Moss carpet
  • Azalea bush and flowering azalea bush
  • Azalea leaves and flowering azalea leaves
  • Big dripleaf and small dripleaf
  • Spore blossom
  • Rooted dirt
  • Hanging roots
  • Glow berries

Again, no new generation, but that will probably come very soon. added Glow lichen added Axolotls and Deepslate

  • Axolotls spawn naturally in water underground
  • Deepslate blocks:Cobbled Deepslate
    Polished Deepslate
    Deepslate Tiles
    Deepslate Bricks
    Chiseled Deepslate
    Deepslate ores Was a huge beta for Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

  • New cave generation
  • Aquifers

Much like the Java Snapshots, the caves now generate in massive underground caverns, small twisting caves, and big spaces full of water.

Fish, Axolotls and glow squids will spawn in these aquifers

The world height is still 320 to -64, despite the update being split into two parts, not sure what’s going on here but I’m not complaining!

The end?

Thanks for reading the whole thing if you did, and if not then thanks for reading this ig. I will update this whenever a new snapshot/beta comes out, and on the rare occasion when an entire update is released.

Should I include the Combat Update V2? Let me know, and thanks for reading :smile:


Should I include the combat snapshots?

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  • No

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Great Job Penguwin!!

How long did it take you to write this essay?

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I too have been exploring the cave update
I would prefer the old ore textures, but everything does look quite exciting

these are, seemingly just a taste of all the new things. I can’t wait. bravo Emberz!




Ikr! I think im gonna make a ski resort thing using boats and ice under snow
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SAME this is what i wanted sents they switched Minecraft to bedrock

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Hopefully Hive pulls a Hypixel for the new pvp system might be trash, idk but seems like it

What do you prefer the most in this caves and cliffs update?
  • New caves!
  • New mountain Generation!

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Feel like if it’s changed like 1.9 did a new server will rise just for the new pvp
i wanna try out the pvp, but id also like hive to keep the current pvp. maybe they could do both?

wait did they confirm there adding different pvp

my bet is that parity (making java and bedrock more similar) and the new combat will be 1.18

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ohh they should add like a thing where they can switch between pvp skill matching that would be cool

Hive hasn’t said the PvP mechanics on the server are changing. There is nothing like this planned as of now.

Great post Emberz!


They also haven’t said that they won’t be changing.
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speaking of this, i really hope they add crevasses.
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