Minecraft Live Discussion


History of Minecraft live

Minecraft live which was previously known as MINECON which is an annual convention held by Mojang. It started all the way back in August, 31 2010 but in 2017 they decided to turn it into a livestream. Though there was meant to be a minecraft festival (in person as an option) during the 2020 minecraft live but was postponed due to Covid-19 till 2022.

What to expect

  • Interviews with experts

  • Brand new minecraft mob votes

  • A peek into the future of Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons and much more

Cool New features:

Presented in the most exciting cinema techniques in broadcast history!

Four times the colour! Four times the entertainment!

Their new digital audio system!

Minecraft live will be transmitted with the state of the art broadcasting system!

When will Minecraft Live happen?

The live stream will happen on Oct 16th


  • I will keep this as updated as possible with whatever new information they release

  • Parts of this is speculation from what has been posted and said by the community.

  • If I forgot anything feel free to mention it in the comments.

  • comment your ideas, hopes and speculations.

If you want to watch the actual video or the link to information on it are found :arrow_down_small:

Minecraft Live 2021: Announcement Trailer - YouTube

Announcing Minecraft Live

Minecraft Live is Back

Teaser Trailer for Mob votes :arrow_right: Click me

First Mob Vote: Glare

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the glare! - YouTube


The glare is not only super cute, but it also helps you out a lot. It hates – HATES – the darkness. Who doesn’t?! But besides being super relatable, it will also show you areas that are dark enough for monsters to spawn. It does so by flying to dangerously dark areas and then throwing a hissy fit. With the glare by your side, you’ll know that each tantrum will not only lead to me turning this car right back around, but also possibly monsters! Aaaargh!

Second Mob Vote: Allay

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay! - YouTube

The allay is a mob with many hobbies. If you give them an item, it will gather more of the same or similar items that they can find and give back to you! This could be a collectible, something you’ve crafted, or a block you mined. Isn’t that nifty? It is also a huge music buff and loves to dance! That’s just delightful. But also practical, because if you have a note block nearby, that’s where it will drop your collectibles! And, as you can see, it is just adorable and has tiny little wings that I am totally not jealous of, not at all.

Third Mob Vote: Copper Golem

The copper golem is the DIY project of your dreams. Not only do you get to build a brand new buddy, but this little creature is made out of 100% copper. That means that just like any other copper structure, it will oxidize over time. It’s more than just a pretty face, the copper golem is also very unpredictable! Keep your eye on it, especially if you have any copper buttons lying around. Oh, you don’t have any of those yet? Well, it’s because they will also be added to Minecraft if you vote for the copper golem!

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the copper golem! - YouTube

Summary of the Live event if you are interested


I am excited for Minecraft Live!!

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Parrot moment

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Same! This should be fun.

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I remember last year there was a thread and it got like 200+ replies during mc live

It was crazy

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Found the thread

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That’s kinda cringe Dream.

Dream stans are going to rig the vote again
:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:


-_- Dream has little credibility from his cheating scandal and now he does this…



Anyways I want a dog update for the mov vote this year can we please get like different breeds of dogs

Just the breeds recognized by the akc/ukc that would be lit

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He’s prolly joking but idk at this point

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Also considering archeology is probably one of my favorite features that Minecraft has ever talked about I really really want that to be added I would wait for an end update just to get archeology imagine how much more fun end game Minecraft would be if you had archeology

I’m also kind of confused on what they’re even going to announce considering the 1.18 update won’t even be released yet

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He made another reply to the announcement tweet lmao

But yeah I’m honestly unsure myself as well


Unsafe Eardrum Technology

I saw a comment on the youtube announcement which said how in each of the new feature which will be part of the stream is related a boss in minecraft slightly as Ender (ender dragon), pillager and beacon (wither) so maybe a new mob boss?

I would find archeology cool though I think it will more likely be an end update especially with minecraft Dungeons having an End update as well.

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I hope there will be another free cape to claim.

The golden creeper cape and the pancape are nice and all, but just having 2 capes gets quite boring.



Golden Creeper?

Edit: it’s called the founders cape that’s why I got confused

Everyone don’t vote for what dream wants u to vote

i want a hostile mob vote again, i liked that