Minecraft 1.17 and 1.16.100

Is 1.16 better than 1.17 in any other way except for the broken sky in some certain packs? Does it affect pvp in any way

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I think it affects brigding and I havent noticed any difference with pvp.

1.16 doesn’t have render dragon feature, therefore your sens and movement is different
I wouldn’t say it’s better in any way since you lag on 1.16 as well and there might be fps tear but try your luck

bridging, you can jump bridge and safe bridge simultaneously in 1.17 but u cant in 1.16

For now, 1.16.100 is more fps friendly on low end devices, and the safe-jumb bridge is better on the hive, it is true it still uses the classic way which is moving the mouse up and down while jumping, but the new 1.17 safe jump bridge won’t be the best for all as sometimes when bridging for long distances it won’t place blocks because hive couldn’t register the placing because of the ping, but for some it works just fine depending on the player. But the downside of having 1.16 is that some hive updates won’t work on 1.16.

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1.17 has more blocks XD

Do you mean mj bridging?

Because you can do that in 1.16

yeah its mj bridging without moving your mouse

so less calculation, so less flaws so better

What the hell, you don’t lag on 1.16 why the hell are they getting RID OF IT THEY ARE DESTROYING THE COMMUNITY

less then 1% of the community use 1.16 versions now chill


shanki found a non-render dragon version of 1.17
hope that makes u happy, because i use it and only bridging is worse. shaders work !!


Response from Splodger

"As much as we appreciate your frustration, less than 1% of our player base still use a 1.16.X version of Minecraft. Whilst we try to cater to all players and subcommunities on The Hive, it no longer feels right to hold back features from the remaining 99%.

I encourage you to raise awareness for the issues you have mentioned by upvoting the issues on Minecraft’s bug tracker, and using their feedback site.

You can read more about our reasoning here:"

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