Message that says who queued in an Arcade hub game

Sometimes when I queue into Duels or Spleef it takes eternity for someone else to queue.

I think Hive should make it so that whenever someone queues into Spleef or Duels it can say who did in the chat so that other people can possibly queue into the game too so that it wont take a long time to find a game. I know this won’t really be that effective but at least it will make a little difference so that it is at least a bit faster to queue.

[player] has queued into [Spleef, Duels] (1/1)

So thats all for my suggestion. You can give feedback as always and you can vote if you want to.
Thanks for reading.


bump since nobody replied at all

As someone who enjoys the hive hub games I think this would help with finding players for games but the only issue is that it could fill up the chat

From-a hive hub rat

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making it toggleable would solve that

also yes this is a good suggestion

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