Me and my friends thinking of leaving the hive and go play on cubecraft because of all the hive plus. Do you think that hive+ and default ranks should be in separate games?

Compared to the average player, me and my friends are good. We spend time re-queueing for a total of about 10 min every hour we play. We are getting bored playing the hive because of all those sweats. So we are thinking of just giving up the hive and play on other servers. Anyone agree with us?


They will never separate hive+ and regulars from games. That will only lead to having to wait longer for games to fill.

Also regulars can be good at PvP as well.


hive + doesnt make u better at the game


Hive + is just a perk some players consider to support the server!
An example of a Hive+ that sucks at pvp is me lol. Regulars can also be good, and Hive+ doesn’t give you an in-game advantage :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hive+ has nothing to do with skill

There is nothing wrong with sweats also…they are just skilled and better. Nothing wrong with that.

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I think the OP only needs one person to say that a rank isn’t equal to skill—and BlizzLee has already done that.

I’m just gonna pitch in about the differences between CubeCraft and the Hive, since you suggested that you might go to that server, and I don’t want you to get frustrated.

CubeCraft’s knock back is literally a polar opposite to Hive. People go much further with a regular hit. Snowballs also do less KB

CubeCraft is a lot less sweaty, and if you’re good, it gets really boring.

The PvP gamemodes aren’t similar at all. SkyWars has worse armour, similar swords, etc. Chests are the main focus, and you can craft items and mine ores. EggWars is a lot more complex then TW, with food, pickaxe for first rush, and kits. SG has much better armour on average.

The servers are very different, basically. CubeCraft in general is very different to the Hive, and it has benefits and downsides.

However, if you just practice, you’ll be able to take down those sweats :slight_smile:

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Hive+ means the person is sweaty. We some times get good games with levels under us and over us we dont mind, but when there is a hive+, we cant win. Im level 21 and Im descent at the game. But i got beat up about 5 times by a level 5 hive+! Im not saying that you are not right but, I still say that we can still have this idea for future updates.

Mhm. I know that they are less similar, but i mostly play the bridge there and have more fun then playing skywars or other games pvp games on hive because of those sweaty hive+.

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Trust me hive + only means they are probably more devoted to the hive.

There are leaderboarders without hive +

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like he said. Hive+ means nothing honestly. it’s a misconception. for example, Chaos has Hive+ but he’s bad

I’m joking ily Chaos.


ok, you people dont mind it, but pretend going into a game of trios and finding 2 full teams of hive plus and they are in the green levels, would you q a new game or no? If i wanna win, i would q.

Of course, I also get intimidated if a bunch of hive plus with sweaty names and higher levels than me queue into my game but sometimes it’s the regulars who are the sweatiest

I agree with you. I feel the same thing.

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again, hive + doesnt make them better at the game, u can be just as good even without the rank,
it just takes practice

hive + doesnt suddenly make u sweaty

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I agree completely.

You can have some points, hive+ does not equal skill, but in some aspects it can equal level. What I mean is that it gives you a XP boost.

I am not trying to make this complicated but….

Level does not equal skill, you can be any level and good.
Hive+ equals XP, so that’s what you are saying. The majority of people who are high level do have Hive+, but level does not equal skill.

My level 39 friend defeated a level 92 with hive+, my friend doesn’t even have Hive+! Level does not equal skill, skill equals skill, level equals xp, hive+ equals xp boost.

Thank you

if you come to think that you don’t like the hive, then don’t play it

Hive+ is purely cosmetic, separating the two would screw up the queue system and ruin the game