Max level xp in all hive games


[Once you reach Max Level in a game, your xp should continue increasing as you play that game. Your level won’t have to. Once the game is updated, your level will increase to compliment the amount of XP you have.]

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This is genius, but I’m not sure they would really want to add that

i would be skywars level 150 by now


I’m kinda against this, since I like unlocking things, and if a level update come, I would automatically get the items without knowing, I like knowing that I earned levels with skills and Effort, and unlocking things overtime

That the whole fun about grinding

I understand why players would want this.


You can still grind even if your max level and when you get new cosmetics it says “you have unused unlocks!”

yeah i dont really like this
i feel it would take away the point of adding new levels and cosmetics because most people would just get max level instantly when/if the game is updated


Many others are saying that this is not really a good idea for the players.

Imagine playing skywars and you only play that gamemode to grind but then you’re now level 57. If there were a future update on the leveling system, the players don’t even realize that they have made these unlocks.

I may sound a bit dumb here so excuse me for that. I think levels update user data or something. So if you’re level 100, you may have lots of data on you if you know what I mean. If someone were to level up on Murder Mystery non-stop and manages to reach to level 167, that would contain lots of data than needed. Again I may be dumb and this is only a thing that I think may or may not be true.

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Hey there! :wave:
I personally disagree with this feature :confused:

The reason why is because if we were to add this feature your XP would keep stacking up and when new levels are released you would get the cosmetics very swiftly. There would not be any sense of excitement to grind nor the frustration that all comes when trying to get the max level!

I feel that this can be very unfair to some (especially those who are trying to grind their way up to getting the max level). The max level cap can be seen as an advantage to both the max levels and low levels. To the low level players, the time frame between which the game mode receives another level cap increase/content update and the point where they currently are with their level would be a time period where they have a chance to try their best to attend the max spot. If we were to let the XP keep stacking up, there would be no sense of achievement or pride.

One last thing, is that I feel that the leaderboards do a similar job to this instead it counts you wins and intead of getting XP you get a place on the top with the best players.

Feel free to disagree with me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


to add on if i nolife TW i would get tons of xp, however i also want clips of me leveling up for montages yk and not just me randomly being lvl 150 in TW for no reason

also there is pride in being the first person to be max lvl in a game so having this feature would basically removed that. To add on it wouldn’t be fair for those tryna be max lvl in every game on hive knowing max lvl players are already grinding for the next update