Matchmaking rant

Ok, so I want to rant about the matchmaking in most of my games of treasure wars or skywars. I usually end up with a 3 or four level 40 players in my game, and im only level 15. I’m trying to have fun and play against people of the same skill level, but I get absaloutley rolled by some sweaty level 40 who combos me into oblivion. I can’t learn how to pvp very well if im always playing people that are way better than me, and I can’t improve if i’m playing people way worse than me either. I think that the Hive should add a matchmaking system that puts higher level players together with other higher level players, and lower level players with other people in the same level range. (level 10-20’s, level 20-30’s, level 30-40’s)

  1. That’s already been suggested
  2. Should’ve been put in #suggestions:skywars
  3. Don’t just post rants

This has already been suggested Level match making on hive and best friend option
@MysteryGxmer beat me to it


Closing as this a duplicate suggestion.