Match-making Change

I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere that the hive puts different types of players (touch, console & PC) together… but I’m controller on a mobile device and hardly come across good players in early games of the day… There should be a way in which I can change it and say that I want to be put with PC players. So like… they should add like change devices rule. But… with that, they shouldn’t allow PC& console to play with touch (as that would be unfair), etc. This could be done by adding a /change CATEGORY to [type of device]. Eg: /change CATEGORY to PC (for me!) so I can play with a higher tier of players and get better experience. :slight_smile:

this seems like a good idea but please change the category to #suggestions so that we can vote for it

also WELCOME TO THE FORUMS !!! :smiley: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Thank you for the welcome! And I changed it to ‘suggestions’! :smiley:

I tried this and got turned down… good luck…

I’ll still vote though…

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We are looking into separating players who play with a keyboard & mouse / Controller on a touch device.

Also this suggestion would enable PC/console players to queue with Touch players which would defeat the whole purpose of having Platform based matchmaking in the first place :sweat_smile:
For any further questions please message me :grin: