Map downloads for survival games?

So my friend and I want to make a survival games montage together and we want map cinematics to film on the maps. Because we want it to be easier and to not have to die and go into spectator mode is it possible to get world downloads of each sg map so we can just fly around and film as much as we need in creative mode or will that not be possible? I completely understand that being owned property by Team Nectar and The Hive server and I can understand the builders and developers wanting to keep that as private files and protect it equally as they do their source code. Thanks!

Unfortunately what I seem to have figured from previous cases is they don’t make the maps available for download, but I would wait for an official response on that.


yeah a admin will probably reply and say no as its there property but I can still dream

They don’t post map download links unfortunatlly.

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i mean, if the map you want exists on java i’d be happy to replaymod it

I honestly think its more of a case of servers stealing the map than it being their property lol

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yeah most likely other servers would just yoink the maps and put it in there own like hyperlands

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Hey swim,
So you were correct in assuming that the hive keeps its contents very private. I was told that the maps will not be made openly downloadable.

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ps. I hope one day there will be a replay mod for bedrock that shows cinematic angles of your gameplay.


You became a helper! Awesome job man!

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yeah not surprised it is going to be kept private. I guess we just have to wish for a replay mod.

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You can download SG4 and it’ll be very similar.

Edit: nevermind, it seems like you can’t do that anymore.

you could go on hive java/ mcgamer with blc and replaymod it