Making the void walker better

This is in discussions because I just thought of this very quickly, I just want to see how people think this idea will affect the game. If enough people agree that this is a good idea though, I will move it to suggestions.

When I saw Evident’s “Trapping with Kits” video, I realized he didn’t do anything interesting with the void walker, just spawn camp a void walker, not use it’s abilities. I don’t blame him though.

Compared to the other kits like Trapper, Builder, or Panik, I think Void walker is not very interesting. It’s not as bad as Baller, and is powerful, but there’s not a lot interesting things you can do with it.
And because it’s powerful, it needs a nerf to give way for buffs that make it more interesting.

  • Just like enderpearls, you take damage when using your void save.
  • The damage you take is based on armor. If you have chain/iron you get 4-6 hearts of damage when voiding. If you have half or almost full diamond you get 2-3 hearts of damage.

With this nerf comes opportunities to buff the void walker with tools to get to mid.

  • 4 vault/leaps like those in block drop or deathrun. It’s called void walker after all.
  • Maybe a diamond pick to mine redstone(absorption) faster

Leapers are versatile and a very fast way to get to mid. You will get there even before builders do. And imagine the things you can do with the vault jumps. The traps and plays. The void walker will be as interesting as the other kits, maybe even the most. I think the void walker is fine in it’s current state, and it is probably the most used kit, but with the things you can do with the vault leaps, the plays and clips in yt will still have a lot of kids wanting to do these plays.

put this in #suggestions

the nerfs barely do anything, especially the one where you take dmg when spawning at your island again, cause you regen that much in like 10 seconds and who’s gonna be camping you there lol.

add them ig doesn’t matter much, i can see the nerfs being added

but for the love of god don’t buff it it’s alr op


I don’t think it should be nerfed or buffed, it’s balanced as it is.

The leaps would make it too OP. I agree with the nerfs, but only because Void Walker is way too OP atm
To be honest I have no problem with the buffs, but it would completely outshine the other kits. Maybe in a different parallel universe where all of the kits are crazy and messy, this would be a good idea,

But yea, I like the nerfs. So people have a little more strategy instead of just weaseling out of a fight, they have to keep in mind their health


Eh, voidealker is already balanced and great, a nerf isnt needed

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Void Walker is fine