Making losing login streaks a little less punishing

There have been many suggestions for making it so losing your login streak is less punishing, but I don’t think anyone has posted this specific suggestion yet. Hopefully it’s not a duplicate. :crossed_fingers:

My suggestion is; If you weren’t able to login for one day, then your login streak should be pushed back by two, three or even five days. But if you don’t login for a second day in a row, then your login streak should reset back to 0.

This will remove some of the pressure and anxiety for having to login every single day for a whole year if you want the Time Owl costume.

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This would ruin the “specialness” of getting the TimeOwl costums.


I do understand how annoying this must be, but unfortunately I don’t think It’s the best idea, like what’s said above, it ruins the rewarding feeling of getting a high streak


Though I understand what you’re saying, making these changes would mean that a login streak would no longer be a login streak.

As has also been mentioned, the exclusivity of the special cosmetics would be reduced significantly.