Make YouTube Rank easier to get

The YouTube rank should be lower

I think the YouTube rank should be easier to get because 3,000 views per a video seems like a bit two much because don’t get me wrong I love hive but don’t you think for channels just on the hive it would be extremely hard to get the the rank and as far as I see only like 4 people have the rank (If I am Wrong please Correct me) so I would just like to ask if you could please lower the amount of view per a video to 2,000 please it would be greatly appreciated.

If you wan’t to contact me my gmail is [email protected]

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I’m just gonna be blunt about this. Hive has standards. Not just for youtube rank, but for just about everything else they do, which I appreciate and is why I love the server so much. If they made getting youtube rank easier then it would devalue the rank a bit.


Perhaps a “MiniYT” rank? There really aren’t that many popular hive youtubers who can get up to 3000 views per vid (I haven’ found many at least), and there aren’t many popular bedrock youtubers who play on servers that can pull those views in general. Maybe making an easier to get rank would encourage more people to make videos about the hive, and increase the servers popularity on youtube?

Unless the hive sees a yt rank as more of a way for youtubers to promote their channel on the server, instead of as a way of encouraging people to make videos which will promote the server on youtube.


yes I agree that sounds like a good idea

I agree but I mean it would devalue yt rank


I somewhat agree with this since the rank requirements seem, let’s just say, optimistic. However this could lead to some issues since if certain youtubers are able to get it then youtubers who are smaller would complain etc, etc.



We have our standards in place for some of the reasons the users mentioned above. We have a #self-promotion channel that was recently added to our discord that you can use to promote yourself to fellow hive users! Remember, the people who currently have the rank are considered our partners and it is not title that we can just give away to everyone unfortunately! I hope that clears some things up. :slight_smile:


OK that sounds fine I still love hive

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fax, its not like people will look at our channel even if we promote it


The hive is a server which has an average of 15-25 k players at any given time

The yt rank is more than fine as it is,

Heck, I personally think that they should raise it to 10k subs and 5000 views per vid


If the Hive makes YouTube rank easier to get, it will ruin the value of the rank as well.