Make Tree Leaves Permeable to Ender Pearls

Hello! I think everybody has died due to a faulty ender pearl throw because a block of tree leaves got in the way at least once while playing SkyWars. Trees are in the game because of decoration for the most part, as it’s very rare that any experienced player decides to break trees for planks. Planks are quite useless because most players use andesite which can be found by searching through chests or breaking iron ore (which is plentiful on islands). The average player uses about one stack of andesite, while experienced players may use two or three stacks. In conclusion, andesite is plentiful enough to satisfy any building needs in average game play. So, that leaves trees with only having one purpose. Decoration. Now, as a decoration, it shouldn’t be getting in the way of game play. It’s quite infuriating when you try to navigate between islands by using an ender pearl and the pearl hits a block of tree leaves that’s hanging over the edge of the island and as a result you lose the game. Now, there’s already some problems with ender pearls not working as they should, like sometimes if you throw an ender pearl it will sink through the island. So I think this issue should be addressed as well so ender pearls have a better rep. My solution to this issue would be to allow ender pearls to pass through tree leaves. Another solution I came up with was to remove trees from the middle island and move trees on the outer islands behind the island, and have the back of the island accessible. Please make this change!

Firstly, if you’ve had a pearl go through an island, you should really report that
Secondly, leaf blocks are solid blocks, I don’t see how you can make them permeable
Thirdly, if you pearl into a tree and fall cause of where it landed, I would say that’s more of your fault for pearling there
Fourthly, why would you want to pearl into a tree into the first place?


Firstly, you can add coding to change how certain blocks act. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be too hard to make tree leaves permeable to ender pearls.
Secondly, no it’s not anyone’s fault because what happens most of the time is you try to pearl onto a piece of land and a block of tree leaves hanging out over the edge gets in the way and you fall to your death. No one is intentionally trying to pearl into a tree. When navigating between islands, they just get in the way and that’s the only purpose they serve other than providing useless blocks and giving campers a spot to hide out.

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I also suggested another solution.

Wood isn’t that useless, it can be a good substitute block if you don’t have blocks on your spawn island and it gives you blocks to navigate the islands. And for the other solution, the maps would be a lot more barren and not as appealing to play on, and not all maps have trees on them.

All maps actually DO have trees on them. And yes wood is useless because you’re guaranteed an ender pearl or andesite from the chests most of the time so you can loot from another island, and if not you can always get 16 andesite from breaking one iron ore. So yes, wood is useless. Especially since it takes a good amount of time to get a stack of it.

The usefulness of a block is purely subjective, and it can be used in place of andesite as it would take longer to destroy as barely anyone would keep an axe on them

I always keep the two beginning tools with me so I can break ores and break chests. You’re a noob if you decide to dump both tools.

It’s also smart keeping the two beginning tools for the fact that you may run into a camper or have to break out of a tough spot. Wood is useless, and I can find plenty of people to support this claim.

But how is it useless, it’s a block, exactly the same as andesite.

The main purpose of the blocks are to build with them, however you use them, and both of them do the job fine.

But andesite is so easily obtainable that it makes no sense to go out of the way to chop down 4 blocks of wood to get 16 planks when you can mine 1 block of iron ore and get 16 andesite or, get this, you can open a chest and find A WHOLE STACK OF ANDESITE FOR BUILDING! You’re totally missing the point. Wooden planks aren’t useless when serving their purpose, but obtaining them is much more of a process than just getting andesite. You’re trying to shut down my idea with little to no argument as to why trees should still be in the game other than to block ender pearls, provide decoration, and give campers a hiding spot depending on the tree.

And you’re trying to get them removed with little to no arguement.

Notice how far you’re straying away from the original point of this post so you can continue to pointlessly argue with me over the internet because you have nothing better to do. Wake up. I never suggested removing the trees because not everyone would like that, I suggested making the trees permeable to ender pearls or moving them to different spots on the map that wouldn’t affect gameplay.

Never said remove the blocks, I said they’re useless but if you really need blocks like that I guess you could break them, though I never see a practical use for the blocks because andesite is plentiful.

i smell burnt salt

why the heck did you use “noob” as a insult?

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Shouldn’t you just be more careful with your enderpearl throws? There are a lot of areas to throw a pearl where it won’t hit a tree or leaves


The amount of double posting is a lot in this topic

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Your input definitely wasn’t necessary as it serves no purpose. You’re antagonizing. I said what you first quoted because they were straying off topic. And about the second quote, I wasn’t using “noob” as an insult. I said noob as in a new player, which is what it means am I wrong?

Okay, let me put you into this scenario. You’re on your starting island, and you want to pearl to the island thats to the right of you, because you see that person has good loot. The island to the right of you has a tree on the side facing you. So, in order to pearl over there, you’d have to dodge the tree. Well, you accidentally hit a block of tree leaves and die. Too bad, game over. Now, let’s say that you used the “plenty of other open spaces” to get to the island that’s to the right of yours. Wouldn’t that use more resources? Correct me if I’m wrong.