Make the respawn radius bigger

The other day my friend & I were playing treasure wars and another team placed concrete around the 1 block we always spawn in. They spawn killed us about 20 times before breaking out treasure and winning the game. A larger respawn radius will help prevent this.

Spawn killing repeatedly is against the rules. Feel free to report the meanies who did this to you via the Hive discord


They could just build an even larger wall of concrete surrounding the new radius

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It would not hurt The Hive one bit to just make the respawn radius big right??? Instead, we are hurt

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/queue WARS or /hub
Just some simple commands to “escape” the spawnkillers :slight_smile:

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that hurts my stats.

Dying over and does too. If you’re being spawn-killed, chances are you aren’t winning that game

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They should do something about the quest about ”Kill an Amount of Players in Any Game” in Treasure Wars especially Solo. I feel like that’s the main reason why players spawn-kill.

i have thought about making a post about spawn thingies on TW. but ill just suggest it here.

it could be beneficial to have not a timed spawn protection, but instead a spawn “safe zone” in which you will have infinite spawn protection before leaving it first time after dying and when the treasure is still living.

this should significantly lower spawnkilling as if you do not rush the raider and fight, you cannot be killed over and over like that.

so its fight to try and win while posibly dying multiple times or let them break the treasure and only kill you once.

would this help? as it makes it so that raiding a base is for the treasure and the win, not an xp farm

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No, it’s not because of the quest, it’s because of the XP grinders trying to level up. Yes, quests might have something with it, but it’s mostly because xp

Wait…you did not get wood pecker?

If someone’s afk the whole game then you can’t kill them and have to resort to leaving

If someone has you trapped in a 1x1 I doubt there’s going to be a chance to win

you should be able to. as if they left it once, its gone. if their treasures dead, its gone. as i mentioned.

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I always think a spawn with wooden or stone sword should be added to help.