Make the coin count for a bow higher

So I noticed that you really can’t waste time as the murderer, but even if you kill everyone extremely fast, everyone still gets a bow, and the zapper is so much faster than the murderer, so instead of slowing it down, I would suggest that the default coins needed to get a bow (10) be raised to maybe something like 15 or even 20, because I find myself dying too often, especially with the new coins which count as even MORE coins, it makes being murderer too hard. Thank you.

Update: Yeah there definitely needs to be a change. You spend countless rounds waiting and it seems that people just get bows before the round even starts. Of course the sheriff is a different story but the speed in which people get coins is absurd, so just a very, very needed thought to think about.

I have never thought that innocents get their bows too fast while im murderer except for on pigment when the cubes gave a bow too. I’m also not very good at the game but I still win most of my murder games. Sure the last 3 or 4 people get bows but if u could kill EVERYONE before they got bows then that would be so skewed in favor of the murderer that it would make the game less a murder mystery and more a survive-the-murderer kind of game.


This is what one of the owners said - changing the amount of coins required would lead to a lot of confusion.

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