Make Spaceship Unique

So. The spaceship mount currently really doesn’t have anything special about it. “But Fosta what if there’s a secret thing about the spaceship we don’t know about?” I asked a mod (IntoThat) “In comparison to the bee and cruiser mount what is special about the spaceship mount?” Into responded, “The design is what makes it special.” So my suggestion is the spaceship is given another seat and becomes a 2 seat mount. This can be done by widening the spaceship enough to add another seat.

Ye it is kinda annoying that we spend our money on the first mount just to then find out that there are now 2 mounts that are better than it I think this would help fix that but idk if hive would want to make a change like that


I feel like this would be even better if it was a separate mount from the one seat spaceship. But then you would have to spend money so nvm

I don’t belive Hive would make changes like that unless there’s an error, cause some people may like it how it is and already bought it, if it gets changed then that’d suck for the players who bought it cause they liked it more than the others :<