Make sheriff reload time longer

Now I know the murderer is supposed to be close range, but everything about the sheriff is way too fast, the zapper is faster and the reload time is faster, while the throwable is fairly slow and even reloads slower, so I suggest to just make the sheriff’s zapper reload slower or match the throwable reload, because eitherwise, the sheriff usually just runs away and almost immediately gets the upper hand.

I think that trying to keep secret and and not just killing randomly in the open so the sheriff doesnt know its you in the first place is what makes being a murderer fun


and I think sometimes you kill everyone but one person, they don’t know who you are but can deduce it by process of elimination, and they pick up the sheriff hat. In that instance this suggestion would very much apply.

perhaps but who says your supposed to be doing a classic “ten steps”
hamilton showdown? you should be sneaking up on them or strafing side to side

Well, first of all, strafing sometimes doesn’t work, and I can accept that. Second of all, not every sheriff is going to have their bow out in the open for the murderer to see. And finally, if the sheriff misses their shot, that doesn’t mean they should have a fast and easy second chance, and if anything, the throwable should maybe match the sheriff’s cooldown instead considering how hard it is to aim the throwable correctly. I’m not saying you can’t have your own opinion, but I just feel like the sheriff’s zapper should be slightly nerfed.

Makes sense, also bow should have latency

no no no, no

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Ok, I dont think bows should have latency, though they already have a small amount for me, but this suggestion was mainly made because I noticed how quickly a sheriff can reload, although upon further inspection, it’s actually kind of random, but I think that sense of random timing is what gets me, but imo, the sheriff and the throwable should maybe at most have about 5-7 second cooldown which Im sure is what is already is, but the throwable seems slow both in movement and in reload, which makes the advantage go immediately towards the sheriff. So perhaps there could be better compromise, is all I would ask for.

I see exactly what you mean, but at the same time there are most cases where everyone is grouped in a certain area. Let’s say for example, toy house. Everyone likely gathers upstairs on the railing or wherever, so you have to reveal yourself there anyways. Now what it seems like to me is that the throwable reloads a lot slower than the sheriff, and the only issue with that is when you get close to the sheriff, they have a better chance of shooting you, and if they dont know that your murd, it likely wont matter, but considering that aiming with a throwable takes a lot of what is essentially guessing and because its much more difficult, I believe it should either be equal to that of the sheriffs reload time, or maybe even faster, not by much, but in most cases a murderer wont hit that shot anyways, so it might balance the game out. Again, just my thoughts.

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I think it’s perfect the way it is. The murderer has the option to run away as the sheriff does, but they chase after the sheriff. That’s what gets them.

I mean you have to kill the sheriff somehow, and running away every time doesn’t help. I mean considering the fact that being murderer is already a little bit difficult, this could be the least noticeable change I could ask for.

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It just depends on how good you are at the game. I’ve played 2000+ games and only won as murder 2 times. I am bad at the being murderer, but I have killed lots of sheriffs. The problem is when everyone gets bows.

murderers throwable as no charge time.