Make /quest more useful

currently when you use /quest in the hub you open the normal quest menu

but when you are in any game it just shows this text in chat

i think you should be able to open the quest menu from anywhere in the server, making it easier then going to the hub just to join back the game.


I see what you mean by this but I think it’s for some reasons that the menu is only in the hub. When r u gonna choose a quest? If you can change it without being in the hub, you’re either mid game or in a game’s hub without much time to change the quest.
Idk I think the hive wouldn’t want it to be too op. Imagine you got a good chance of getting kills, and mid is yours. When you finish getting the kills, u would wanna change quests to do the mystery chest one. It seems to OP

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I like this idea a lot but then there really won’t be much of a point to going to the quest master island when you can just type a command, unless you don’t know the command

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I mean most people don’t use commands on Hive as most of the player base consists of young children. Also the quest master Island would still be used almost as much as it is now.

perhaps usable only in game lobbies too? would still be pretty useful

I actually like this idea since I don’t like going to the hub to start a new quest

If your in a game and get your rewards and change the quest it would be a bit to op and it could be abused very easily and new bugs coming with this