Make Mailbot Move


Make the mailbot move around with you in the hub

More information:

The cute lil thing could just follow you around, that’s all. Also, you guys are adding pets too right? So you can use the same mechanics for the bot and the pet maybe

vote pls

Edit: Make it so you can disable this because apparently for some people cough @EarthHades cough their device crashes

The bot couldn’t follow everyone
I think it would be cool if it wandered


why not pls explain

like it would obviously be invisible for other people

That would be a lot of entities. Plus, it would be weird to see people interacting with something invisible


its not like the bot has a message all the time

idk when other people see this post I’ll have a look at what they think

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It would be cool if the mail bot will vibe in the hub like just randomly roaming around making beep boop sounds, it would be pretty cool ngl, maybe we can name him BeeBot :joy:


I love the idea of beep boop sounds!


Wait can custom sounds even be added to Bedrock servers? I know that is possible on Java servers, cuz i’ve watched previous MCC tournaments

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Personally I’d rather have it in a fixed position

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Maybe add it as an interactable in your hotbar with the addition of beep boop sounds and movements.

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