Make LTM gamemodes forever

The limited time gamemodes like snowwars, block drop and the Halloween one are so much better then the main gamemodes on hive like hide n seek and deathrun, they are way more interactive and I’d play them when I’m bored unlike the main gamemodes.

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i agree with this tbh, block drop is so much more fun then other ones like deathrun & hidenseek but it’s unfortunately LTM.

loads shotgun with malicious intent


deathrun is objectively the best game


I agree praise DeathRun :pray:, but more non-pvp choices the better I guess…

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non pvp ltms are really the only non pvp gamemode I enjoy.deathrun is about lag n left click

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I have mixed feelings about this suggestion. Firstly this will ruin LTM games purposes as they usually have less people grinding which means more people only play it for fun. Secondly though I think certain games like Block Drop for example should be kept as this game mode is completely different to all other games on hive at the moment. Also it does not necessarily feel like an Easter themed game. Like on Java Edition for example. There used to be a game where eggs would fall from the sky and kill you if they landed on you.


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Hub is best Game.

what about gamr selector