Make it easier for the seeker

So this situation happens a lot to me:

I get killed by a seeker, there are 2-3 mins left, and like 8-10 hiders left.
It’s just virtually impossible for the seekers to win, because there are SO MANY BLOCKS.

I think the seekers should get something like a compass.
We could also make it so that the seekers win when there are only something like 3 hiders left.

I think the game is already balanced as it is.


Imagine having like 45 seconds to find the last hider.

On a pretty massive map


By that point there should only be a couple hiders left. Of course some people are bad seekers, but making it easier for them would make the game too easy for other people.

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What’s the point of compasses if the goal is to hide.


Actually it is possible because I have been in rounds when the seeker has not killed anyone until the 1 minute and 30 seconds mark and has left only 0-2 hiders left

Just keep playing and you’ll learn more about the maps and their hiding places.


Lol I win as seeker all the time, try to memorise the maps.