Make dr,sg,jb,mm, and h&s great again

I think Death Run, Survival Games, Hide & Seek, Murder Mystery, and Just Build should have decently major update.

All games not including Just Build should get 3-5 new maps. Just Build should get a new voting system and maybe trios and squads option would be fun. Survival Games I think really needs more maps than any other game. Deathrun just need new maps and just something new like an item or idk. Hide & Seek just maps and maybe an item that could be given to hiders, so the item makes it so that they are immune to the first hit they take so if they are hiding they can use this item so that if they get hit they dont get exposed but do take damage. Murder Mystery should just add maps and something new to it.

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I agree with most of what you said but adding a new item to deathrun could cause problems with speedrunning. I think it would be cool if DR had an item in its hub where you can turn off the chance of becoming a death, since they leave often when being a death and it makes doing quests for DR annoying.

Hide and seek’s problem may be the lack of hubting down hiders. We need something to keep them moving. Maybe a timer for hiding so you are visible after 30 seconds or so. Taunts should then be usable while running too.

And yeah, we definitely need a lot more maps on all of the games

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Hey there!

Try to make only 1 suggestion per post, otherwise it can get confusing on what people are voting for.

I’m pretty sure some of these are dupes, but I don’t have the time atm to find them

Adding maps has been suggested before, and is something that the hive almost always adds in updates

Also how would this voting system work? Seems like a stretch to make a new voting system if the one we have right now is probably the only good one

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The voting system right now is rather unbalanced. You should be able to notice that since, like the maps like you said, the voting system gets a lot of suggestions to be changed.

If it gets a lot of suggestions to be changed, you should bump those instead of making a new post