Make a fishing mode

That’s cool and all but I think every game is missing a fishing mode and I rly think that if you guys made a fishing mode I’d cry tears of joy

Can you be more specific? When I think of fishing mode, I see a boat. wierd

Also you should change the topic thing to suggestions! :beedance:

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This is made for skywars


This belongs in #suggestions . I don’t think this would be too bad considering skywars is meant to an rng game

Well you see that’s where you’re wrong because there’s a game called treasure wars and you’ll also notice that there is a pirate as the mascot but when you go in there’s no fishing in it which is a little sad in my opinion and I think it’s time for me to finally voice my opinion

Pirates get treasure. not fish


This is where you’re wrong again because you see, there is treasure underwater and fish is also the easiest way to get food so…

I am soo confused rn lmao.

There is not water in Sky or Treasure wars. I think you have a fishing addiction jokes


It’s for all the modes

So I really hope this will be added in the next update so everyone can enjoy life at it’s fullest

The hunger bar is stationary, there is no need for food such as fish. However, if you could obtain special items from fishing, that may be cool! Rods must be added for fishing to be possible though.

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As long as a fishing mode can be added it’s all good

btw sry about that

So just add a fishing rod into the games. But idk where it would be useful or why they need it

also for the last time #suggestions

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Like I said the fishing rod would be used to fish and that’s all you do, just fish

whats the point of that then? if you just fish, then… you fish. I don’t see how useful it would be

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Because A fishing mode would make everything better

how would it make it better exactly?

Because fishing is cool and I really think that if there was a fishing mode It would really make everyone happy

they can add a minigame in Mixed Arcade that makes you have to fish or something, but i just don’t see there would be any use at all.

Also where is there water?


The ponds in certain maps in sky wars and your enemies in treasure wars