Lvl 30 and a very nice flex

So yea I hit lvl 30 in SG today! My goal was to get to lvl 30 yesterday which didn’t work out so I will just grind a bit more skywars! I haven’t took any photos yet for lvl 30 (They were be on this thread when I upload them) but here are some photos of the leaderboards!

I will be grinding skywars next and once I upload my montage I will post it here!


I will be grinding to lvl 40 in SW and my montage along with another SG video will be coming out soon.

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Congrats!! I wish I could grind, but I dont have much time on the weekends to grind. Also because I do this alot

(Currently working on a lego moc)


Congrats! I would be level 30 but I can’t go on enough to actually grind and I get distracted very easily