Lucky Block

Lucky Block would be the same as on CubeCraft (I have a lot of ideas for Hive from Cubecraft for some reason). But there would still be Lucky Block Racers, which is the way most Marketplace maps are known.(Keep Inventory ON!!!) 10 players can play at the same time. I hope to get many votes. If anyone wants to help in any way, just text me.


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Why do so many people want to turn Hive into Cubecraft? If you like Cubecraft so much, just play that instead!


CubeCraft lacks in quality compared to Hive, and can be alot more laggy.

I still do think that Lucky Blocks shouldn’t come to Hive as it would be a direct copy (and very similar to SkyWars)


First FFAs, and now lucky block? What’s next? MinerWare? Parkour? The hot air balloon? Making Treasure Wars Egg Wars!?


i mean… i wouldn’t actually mind this y’know
(I like minerware)

ok lets think about this HIVE SKYWARS IS A LUCKYBLOCK ngl every ore gives a random thing and lets see every lucky block gives a random thing also we would not need this and it would end up like skywars kits it would die they should just make NEW game modes or updates not lucky blocks

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Lucky Block Racers?? That is Not in CubeCraft.

Hello! About the Sky Wars Lucky Block, I don’t know if it would make that much of a difference, considering the current ores in the game are already technically Lucky Blocks.

About the Lucky Block race game, I think it would be a dupe from the suggestion below:


I like this Idea. CubeCraft has this and I love it but the server destroys my console. It lags way too much. I’d love to play this with more than 1 frame per second. VOTED!

We avoid directly copying games on other networks, if you wish to play those games, by all means play them on their respective servers!