Luck Based Skywars

The Lucky Ores skywars is way too luck based. While some people can get full sets of armor at their island, some struggle to even get blocks. Lots of times if you mine ores you would repeatedly get a collection of an object or two, or anything BUT your desired item. This should be fixed, since even though you can make up for the items at mid, lots just go to mid, and if they have better gear than you, you are obviously going to lose. Make ores the same amount on each island, and make it so if you mine and get an armor piece, you would not get that thing again by mining the same tier of ores

I have a suggestion that might fix your problem

Still, it’s called “Lucky Ores” for a reason.

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You might want to play twars if you want a game where the gear you get is based off of skill/strategy and not luck