Losing team boost

When your team is loosing land in ground wars it’s nearly impossible to take the land back. CTF has a boost for the loosing, therefore, Ground Wars should make the loosing team should gain more powerup on their land, they could even a golden powerup by luck, so the loosing team will have a bigger chance of winning.

the point of the game is that one team wins and one team loses, what’s the point of just bouncing it back and forth between both?
just realised what you said about CTF, i still don’t agree though

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I like this idea, then the team with 6 sweats doesn’t have a guarantee win.

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Games would last way longer this way, it would bounce back and fourth. It’s already difficult to get xp in ground wars, I think this would make it much to slow to grind.

I haven’t played ground wars in a while, but would I be correct in saying that if there’s still 5 rows left before one teams colour is completely gone then the game will end when it reaches the building period?

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