Looking for friends

Add me on hive I am usually active 6-7 times a week from 30 mi it’s to 5 hours sooo plz also sub to my YouTube I just started to help it get going thanks and treasure wars beats all👌

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Sure my name is RogueLion948638

Sure my name is shubbleyt2007

i am Snapfighter1234

Sure my IGN is xBrogamerzx

New pfp sheeeesh

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Sure my ign is aleX3channel

Not a roblox character anymore! :beedance:

Hey! Cool to see that you are here!

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IGN: MahiMahi715


I’m not very active anymore, but I would love to okay with you some time :slight_smile:

Sure, IGN: James Combos

Sure my name is ThelegendPro187 :smile:

Thanks Hudson I actually got the idea from you to start trying to get bigger maybe aventauuly reach 10 subs on youtube lmao but also trying to get people to play with on Hive!

Update I have now requested freinds of everyone!

That’s awesome! Glad I could inspire you to grow your channel! Thanks for supporting me as well! You and many others have kept me going and always eager to edit and upload for the community! Everyone means so much to me in so many ways! <3


sure my username is zealouslyguy im on as tho :frowning:

No problem Hudson

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