Longer void

We need a larger void In case it falls into the void, at least we will have more time until the ender pearl falls to the ground, it might be a stupid idea but at least it’s functional

first of all, which gamemode. second of all, if your talking about sw or tw, the void is already large enough and usually its more accurate to throw more then 1 enderpearl when clutching. dont forget to vote your own topic! also please edit the suggestions of the topic to the gamemode.


As someone who dies in the void a lot, I can say with confidence that the void is long enough in any game.

It’s probably referring to all games with a void and ender pearls, skywars, treasure wars and sky kits so it wouldn’t really make sense to have it in just one category


I disagree. In blockparty, the timing is REALLY short. You get zero reaction time. I’d increase void time in that game

But in block party you’re supposed to react before the blocks disappear. The later stages remove the blocks almost instantly which is kinda cheap but you are supposed to react and get to the blocks before they disappear.

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Mobile players: die
(In game)

I don’t think they do.