Lobby Panorama Pack

Hey all! I just made this pack that changes the default menu panorama to a panorama of the lobby. Thanks to everyone at the lobby recreation project for making this possible! :smile:

Download Link (MediaFire)




does it only change the background and nothing else? (like those buttons)

Yes, the darker buttons are from a different pack

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and gj lobby builders and you too pixel

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i didn’t expect this to work with astral client but it did!

very gj pixel

i had to wait until the perfect moment when so the hive logo is in the middle lol


wait was this taken from the lobby builders or the actual lobby

also are the lobby builders gonna build the autumn hub?

This was taken from the lobby recreation server.

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Very cool, I shall use this!

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This looks epic, I shall use this too, cuz it looks epico like fr :eyes:

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How do you do it???

this, with the console aspects pack, looks perfect

good job pixel


What does this pack actually do?

Changes most texts and some textures and sounds to make it look similar to the Legacy Console edition


I used this tutorial

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That’s not going to be easy to do on mobile, rip my idea of making a custom one.

If you could send me the world/area you’d like it to be made in, I would gladly make it for you!

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good job very GJ what do you think of these extra characters?

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Could you do one for me please? If yes, then ill friend u on xbox (so u can join my world and we can take from dms?

wut dat pls explain