List of cool things that I found in the "room" map

Block drop is a really slow game, you can stop at a place, look around, and still not be affected in the slightest, I look around the map a lot during my rounds, and I saw a lot of cool things on the map, “Room.” This is my list of cool things I found there:

1. A mailbot painting

Minecraft 06-04-2021 17_31_05

This is a painting showing the adorable mailbot, his head is visible, and a blue and yellow background also makes it look very cool.

2. A solar painting
Minecraft 06-04-2021 17_30_25 (1)

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3. Rainbow Books
Minecraft 06-04-2021 17_31_05 (2)

There are a lot of books in this room, and this set of books is arranged in the form of a rainbow. Some of you may know that I like reading books a lot, so this is why I’m adding this to the list.

4. Toy Dino
Minecraft 06-04-2021 17_32_29

This dino is in a few other maps, The toys map in death run and outside the map in office (MM), adding this here was a good idea, as it fits in the room theme perfectly.

5. Alien/Grinch Painting
Minecraft 06-04-2021 17_30_25

I dont remember where I have seen this before, but it looks similar to something that I have seen before.

6. The hive’s bedrock website

Minecraft 06-04-2021 17_30_38

Original →

It’s a fun little easter egg!

7. A… clock?

Minecraft 06-04-2021 17_31_22

This clock may look like a normal clock, but if you look closely, you will see that it is nothing like the usual clocks. This orientation of its hands should not be possible. Assume the 2 cases, the hand pointing to 12 is the minutes hand, or its the hour hand. In case 1, the hours hand points between 4 and 5, this should be possible, it should either be on 4, or on 5.
What about the second case? Well, if the hand pointing towards 12 is the hour hand, the minutes hand should also have been pointing towards 12, this makes this clock very very strange. (I went a bit overboard on that one sorry)

These were all the things that I could find, if you find something that you would like to share, please let me know as well, thanks for reading!!


Insert Number 3 looks sus joke.
And the Hive Website is cool.


took me a good minute to understand

nvr really looked around might look through all the maps and see what secrets they behold. Great post.

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theres a painting that resembles the nether and the nether cape in dr

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I use that to get here

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The alien painting is from the alien costume c:

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