Linking minecraft account with discord

So basically my old discord account was hacked and then deleted and because that account was linked up with the hive discord i cant link my new account up is there away i my old account can be unlinked? im pretty sure my old account was xTh#5053

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Entering the photo of your profile on discord there has to be a button that is connections, there you can

no i mean i cant unlink my old account because it was hacked and deleted so i need the hive to just unlink it there selves or kick my old account out of the server

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For security reasons, there is no way to unlink your accounts unless you have access to the Discord account you linked your Minecraft account to.

If you have lost access to the Discord account that you linked your Minecraft account to, you will need to contact our support team so they can manually set your nickname and roles (we are unable to unlink your accounts).

You can contact our support team here or by emailing [email protected], please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your Minecraft username/Xbox Live Gamertag
  • The username of the Discord account you lost access to
  • The username of your new Discord account
  • Some proof that you own the Minecraft account

Answers to most questions can be found on our support website.

If you still have further questions, you can privately message me or any other Helper / Moderator. :blobheart:

Thank you I’m not sure how I’m really meant to prove that it’s my account thi

You can simply send a message like shown below in chat and attach a screenshot to your email. :slightly_smiling_face: