Leveling up fast murder mystery tips

So I am level 15 in murder mystery and want to reach level 100 fast is there any tips the pro can share with me.I really want to max out every game starting with murder mystery.

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so what i would say is too collect as many coins as possible, survive long(every 30 secs u get 5 to 7 xp),and kill the murderer(40 or 30xp i cant remember) and lastly get as many kills as murderer as possible(its like 15xp per kill)


First: don’t be bored

  1. Get 10 coins and a bow
  2. Shoot anyone suspicious-looking, even just slightly
  3. Profit

try to collect 30 coins every game
try to kill the murderer as much as possible as you get xp for that

for murderer, just try to kill everyone as fast as you can without being to risky
and when you have a few minutes left, take the time to collect as many coins and find the remaining people meanwhile

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Just went on a grind and got to level 16

Agreed this is so true

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When in doubt, shoot a yellow steve

Also, im randomly in the top 50 on the leaderboard for the month on mobile, is that good? (elim/death is like 1:3 but not my fault, shooting on mobile is such a commit)

get 30 coins in a game + elimination the murderer if u can :slight_smile: + kill fast and collect coins while killing :smiley:

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