Level 76-100 Skywars Unlocks

Kill Phrases:
78: “shattered” zTuvqlu shattered Strqtus into pieces
85: “knocked into void” zTuvqlu knocked Strqtus into the void
91: “how to die” zTuvqlu showed Strqtus how to die
99: “was a cutie” zTuvqlu was a cutie to Strqtus

Spawn Vehicles:
77: Thunder Cloud
84: Airplane
89: Alien Planet
95: Diamond Ore
100: Steve

76: Glowing Orb
80: Magical Chest
87: Green Barrel
92: Floating Book
98: Golden Treasure Cheat

Kill Animations:
79: Grim Reaper
90: Lion
97: Red Alert

81: Sunset
93: Crying Emoji
100: Roller Coaster


First of all, put this in suggestions

2nd of all, this would also be suggesting to increase the level cap to 100, which i personally don’t want that to happen cause we just pushed it up to level 75

3rd of all, I love that you demostrate yourself killing one of the best hive skywars players ever

Could you at least explain how would these project?


They added new levels a few weeks ago so I don’t think they would add more levels maybe they would in the future but not now

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Welcome to the forums! :grinning:

If you have a suggestion put it under #suggestions


1: Like everyone else said put this in #suggestions:skywars

2: don’t make list suggestions please

3: skywars just got new level and we don’t need more levels soon since we just got them

4: [quote=“zTuvqlu, post:1, topic:53453”]
how to die” zTuvqlu showed Strqtus how to die

I don’t think this would go well with the hive

5: the level 99 kill phrase doesn’t really make sense to me

But yeah welcome to the forums

Dont worry buddy, you can try next time. First time post suggestions always fail

Except for adding MM to the hive replay mode

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