Lets talk about Rage quiters

Now I think we’ve all seen the ‘rage quitters’. You know?

Rage Quitters: The type of players who when they know they’re done for, jump off or leave to prevent you from getting the kill

Here’s an example of someone who failed to do this:

Now I personally have no problems with this as i am a level 50 who doesn’t really care about stats but thinking about it someone else’s point of view I can see that it can b frustrating at times.

  1. Trying to grind leaderboards become harder (effects ‘grinders’)
  2. Trying to level up becomes more excessive (effects bellow level 50s)
  3. Having near to no gained loot after a fight which could leave you vulnerable (effects everyone)

I don’t find anything that The Hive could do about these people but I want to hear your opinion

How do you feel about the 'Rage Quitters :slightly_smiling_face:


There was already a topic that talks about that:
Rage quiters. Your opinions

But it is dead (no longer relevant) so I guess there is no problem. You could still reply as a linked topic, though.



sorry but the grammar police told me that if I didn’t correct you I would have to watch Jake Paul for 5 hours straight and that’s cringy sooooo

Normal Person: Jumps off or does /hub
Me, an intellectual: Takes a hit, then jumps off


Sometimes it seems as though I rage quit because I try to place blocks so that I can get away after I bridge up, but I miss the blocks a lot and then it make me look bad
it’s very nice

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one less enemy to worry about


if that dudes a versai potpvp 2000 kill legend then it can be a good thing

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Honestly, if noone gets the fk, they should just give it to the person who destroyed the treasure. But it’s not that big of a deal anyways


To me , idc if they leave lol. If you hit them and they kill themselves by jumping off, well hey. Still got the XP (and kill too most likely)


I think it gives you a bad reputation and rage quiting is not learning from failures.


I do one of two things-
Combo until they give up
Attempt to run
It depends on how they play, if they can destroy someone I’ll be scared and run

The only thing I know about rage quiters is that, I am a rage quiter.