Lets talk about Just Build Leaderboards

Hi! More and more often, do I see parties of 3-4 people, playing Just Build, promoting their own builds, by voting „love“ for each other, and thereby securing all 3 top spots. It basically started, when the In Game Leaderboards for Just Build came out, which is why I always said, it was a really bad idea. We, the more adequate player base, wouldn’t carelessly grind for wins, without any regard for other people’s feelings, but We are not the problem. Not taking into account all the other issues, I have less and less motivation to play the game now. And I held out for long. I didn’t care when inappropriate builds won. I didn’t care when I lost, thanks to all the people, voting „meh“ on every build they saw. It was fine, because that didn’t occur on the regular basis, but now… It really isn’t fun, when 50% of the games are just broken. I have very little patience left and if nothing changes, I will quit Just Build. I doubt, the Admins would really have time to invest into a complicated Report System, so please, just remove the leaderboards for Just Build.


I mean I’m not a person whose put a high amount of time into just build, but I do agree that having leaderboards in a game like just build where the entire thing is subjective just isn’t a great idea

However if there are parties of 3 or 4 that are voting love for themselves that might be considered some form of boosting? However I don’t know so I’ll see if an admin replies to this thread clarifying what I think might be the rules


It isnt only in this game I see people in every game except dr.
But I don’t think they will be able to remove it as many people like the leaderboard
So maybe if it gets enough votes(on the forums),they may be able to remove it.

Or you can only vote love once.
And if a player constantly votes “love”(or any other vote) on the same player they would be band?? Or any other punishment.

I think it’s quite hard to make that happen .
Maybe there is another way.
But I hope it gets fixed.

Also vid record them doing that and I think
That would be banned (I know its quite hard to say if they are cheating, but you may be able to do that)

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If you don’t agree with the Just Build leaderboards then you don’t have to pay any attention to them, at the end of the day, they are only there for a bit of fun. As you say, the effect that they are having does seem to be ruining the voting though which is a fair point


Granted if people are essentially boosting themselves in a way to get to the leaderboard (and knowing just build players that’s probably how some of them do it), ruins the game experience for everyone else. So even if someone doesn’t care/doesn’t know about the leaderboards it still affects them


Please read the message…

It’s on a voting basis so it’s injust despite the leaderboards adding to that.

The thing is, the admins can’t judge „your choices“, maybe, you just really like/dislike everything. There is no way to punish those, who vote unfairly.


So Do u agree on the suggestion I gave.
That every one can vote once

No. You shouldn’t go out of your way to punish those, who desire wins instead of fun. But the LB practically say: „now you have a reason to win instead of having fun“

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„Good luck, getting on the LB?“ Are you kidding me?

You can’t just type in some random thing, you think, sounds cool. Duh. Now you’ve missed the whole point

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And now I feel sad
You are really scary

If players want to be dumb let them be. Don’t care about, they know why they’re doing it… because they can’t win. They know there trash. After I finish grinding it, I am not playing that game again.

I know the hive won’t do ranked games, but they need to make it so that if you are maxxed level in JB, you should be able to play in a different lobby.

Just Build is a great game. It really is. It’s sad to see players like this. It feels like they purposely vote meh for a build that is really good, just to lessen that build’s chance of winning. Me and @Emberz made an amazing golden bathtub the other day, and every single person voted meh for it. Everyone. It didn’t deserve that. The leaderboards are alright. I guess it’s mostly luck to get on them.

Ugh. Muffin them unfair voters.

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It was truly epic

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Splodger once said in a different thread that the Hive severely punishes boosters. The stuff you’re talking about above with 3-4 players voting love is boosting. If you gather ample evidence, you can report them

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They could easily argue that each other’s builds are just “so amazing” that they deserve being voted love.
Because voting is subjective it’s hard to actually determine if something deserves a love.