Legendary quest

A new kind of quest which appears randomly, harder quest bigger reward

More information:
It could appearr once in a week or a month and be something that only advanced players could achieve like a 30QP quest but with extras, like “Reach top 3 on DR x3 times IN A ROW” for 50 or more QP

I don’t want to be that guy, but top 3 in Dr 3 times in a row doesn’t sound that hard


It’s an example, being top 3 is easy, but in a row adds an extra step.
However, i could be X times in a row, or being first, and not be limited only to DR maybe kill 10 players on TW one game, or getting diamond armor on 10 games of TW, or 8 kills on MM in one game.
If this suggestion takes over Admins of the server will know better which quest will fit better, the same goes to the amount of QP given after completing the quest.

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Yeah, this idea does sound cool though