Leaderboard Bug

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or global):

What is the bug?
Leaderboard only showing monthly statistics and labelling them as “all-time”.

Device(s) & Version
Xbox One S

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Hey there :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report. Could you let us know which specific game leaderboards this is affecting? I can’t seem to replicate this issue.

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SkyWars personal profiles

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Yes. I’ve had this problem too for the past couple months.

Could you provide a screenshot, or video showing this?

Yea, you got discord to send it on?

The community manager’s discord tag is Splodger#0001, but I believe is advised that if you’re only sending a screenshot to send it here so it isn’t confusing, you can do that by clicking this button

It’s a video so I shall send it over shortly. Thanks.

Splodgers discord dms aren’t open, is there somewhere else to send it?

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you could just upload it as an unlisted youtube video or on streamable(thats the name iirc) and post the link here

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I did do some more investigating into this issue, the issue appears to be with the “friends” part of leaderboards. If you do /leaderboard then go to any game (I did this for SkyWars) and search by friends, it only shows the monthly scores and lists it as “all-time”. Where as if you search by username, you get both.