Last one to post wins

Now we need to rickroll her


i’m on it… also she’s looked at my profile before therefor she’s been rick rolled

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That’s a gif.

I want her to hear the beauty of Rick Astley.

Speaking of rick rolls, my school once rickrolled everyone. They always play music in the halls between periods, and just randomly played it once


I sang Never Gonna Give You Up for a talent show last year.

A friend said “he [me] rickrolled the entire school”

How many people were in your school. I rickrolled almost a thousand people that day.


this post is supposed to be in Brag About yourself in this topic

@CommanderCweamy play Minecraft with me tonight
2020-09-09T02:30:00Z ~ 2020-09-09T03:30:00Z

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if there is any nindo switch player that plays mcd, im online in case you wanna join my game

aight k bai

proof me and arthur are dating. he called me his bai

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If you live in eastern time how can you stay up that late


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It’s just up to 11:30pm
I wake up at 7 tomorrow

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what do you mean late?


When she made her post it used the time and date feature. For me the time she posted was 7:30 - 9:30 pm.

For her it would be 9:30 - 11:30 pm.

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Am I seeing things?? I swear there’s a one-hour gap and not two
I’m not gonna ask Cweamy to play Minecraft with me for two hours straight

Sorry my eyes are bad

It says 10:30 to 11:30
Dark mode would help you


I have dark mode I just remembered incorrectly


even Songs of War knows who I am

@BlazeDrake I just started watching it and it’s actually really good


I wish that stuff would happen at my school but nobody would understand it, most people don’t know meme culture afaik


i am winning