Last one to post wins



to not exist


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please don’t let this die Try to count to 100000

Count until a staff member replies is better

click for creeper face image

Click for zombie image

I called it, you can’t fool me

Idk what to do here.

Rickroll people I guess

True, just do that to people

Person below hates the hive

I don’t hate the Hive though, but i’m here to say a thing.

The new Java 1.16 snapshot is out now!!

noice! is the new nether good?

I saw a video from Logdotzip (hope fully I spelt his name correctly) and these will be the things that are going to be added:

  • New Nether-type blocks
  • New ore? (is stronger than dianond, will be able to make armor, tools and weapons)
  • Nether biomes
  • New /locatebiome command

Yeah, I looked at the patch notes and wiki. Makes me wonder if they’re going to give piglin netherite or not

No that would be too op, gold is enough

Can’t let this die