Lag in asia region

Hi. so the last couple days ive expeienced higher ping then norma, i assumed it was just my wifi, turns out its everyone in australia and some asia players too, if you could help fix that would be great. :slight_smile:

Network problems are usually temporary and will get resolved soon.
This should be moved from #games to #help-me .

Hive Region is broken for AU players at the moment and we AU players r getting 200+ ping the last 2 days which is a huge pain. ASIA REGION FIX OR PLZ ADD OCEANIA REGION

Hey there!

Thanks for bringing this up. I’ll forward this to the higher ups and hopefully they can determine what’s up.

On another note, sadly there isn’t any plans for a new region at this time.

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I have the same problem. I am playing on 500+ ping in vic Australia

I’ll be closing this topic since there is a topic already open for this issue that we are tracking. Please refer to this link to raise concerns about this issue Lag in Asia Region after recent Maintenance