Ladder ban glitch

Affected Service (All games which include a ladder, but doesnt work in the hub):
What was affected - EU - any map with ladders in, but not the hub

What is the bug?
Climbing up a ladder on the very edge of the hitbox tricks the anticheat into thinking you are flying

Device(s) & Version
This works on windows 10, and ps4 editions, 1.20.15

Screenshots and/or video
I cannt attach a video, but i attached a screenshot of the screen i get when the glitch happens. Also, i posted it on tiktok, but its sped up so you cant really see, here is the link if you want video evidence: hive ground wars ban speedrun @The Hive fix your anticheat please (twi... | The Hive | TikTok (i do not intend to use this bug report for self promo, its just the only way i can share it)

Hey there :wave:

This issue has been fixed :tada:

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