Korean Translation Issue in Treasure Wars

Affected Language:
Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
Treasure Wars

Affected Text:
다이아몬드소환사(Diamond Summoner)
에메랄드소환사(Emerald Summoner)

Suggested Text:
다이아몬드 생성기
에메랄드 생성기

Explanation of Issue:
소환 means summon and 소환사 means summoner. But 소환(summon) is normally used when a creature appears. That is, 소환사 means a person who summons creatures.
On the other hand, 생성기 means a thing generating not living things like resources.
It actually doesn’t have a critical difference, but it is fact that this translation is a little awkward.

Screenshots and/or video:

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The current translation matches the English string, and is correct.

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