Killing Manaa UwU (UwU Clan Leader) - Minecraft Hive Bedrock #SWIMCLAN2020 Scrim Highlights


I thought this title was ironic for a second LOOL


oh lol haha I can see that

Love that vid man :smiley: love the stuff too :smirk:

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thanks man this will just be one scrim highlight video of many come in the future

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So now I have a transitive kill of Manaa uwu

yeah LOL

it’s like clipping me(for context i’m not known as being good)

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lol you slaughtered me…

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this has to be a joke

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what do you mean? uwu is the literal clan name and she is not the best player but killing her is considered a clip since uwu is the biggest clan and she is the leader of it.

killing any well known player is considered a clip, its facts. I don’t have anything against her either, just her players that cheat. Everyone else in the clan is fine. And it is not click bait, because it is literally in the video first thing.


she has players that cheat and have been reported recently or banned, but thats not really her fault at all. And baiting people to click is not bad if it is actually in the video.

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Aight. I did the same and sorry for being rude , its just idiotic.